CCOR mini-course

Zsolt Darvay, associate professor at Babes-Bolyai University visits Corvinus Institute
for Advanced Studies (CIAS) and gives an introductory mini-course including three presentations on horizontal LCPs.

The date of the mini-course is:
September 19, 13:40-15:10 room C.557
September 20, 9:50-11:20 room C.204, 13:40-15:10 room C.557
It will be organized in a hybrid way, you can connect online via Teams as well.
The abstract of the mini-course:
Analysis of the algebraically equivalent transformation technique for interior-point
In the mini-course we present the basic concepts that are needed to introduce interior-
point-algorithms based on the algebraically equivalent transformation (AET) of the central
path system. First, we deal with P(Κ)-linear complementarity problems (LCPs). We present a predictor-corrector algorithm and prove its polynomial iteration complexity. Next, we consider P(Κ)-horizontal linear complementarity problems over the Cartesian product
of symmetric cones (SCHLCPs). This includes LCPs as a special case and covers a wide
range of optimization problems as well, such as semidefinite optimization and symmetric
cone optimization. We propose a generalization for SCHLCPs of the predictor-corrector
algorithm introduced for LCPs. Moreover, we prove that our algorithm solves the problem
in polynomial time for a whole set of parameters.

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