Corvinus Game Theory Seminar

Mar. 2. 2023 (12:00-13:00) (online only)

Richárd Kicsiny (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences) 

A recent algorithm for checking the Pareto optimality in bimatrix games 

Besides the theoretical importance of bimatrix games, they have important application fields like e.g. water resource management. Pareto optimal strategy vectors of the Players represent a reasonable and often applied solution concept (mainly in the cooperative approach of games). In the lecture, general n x m bimatrix games are studied. A useful theorem, along with its elementary proof, is presented to make the proposed algorithm for checking the Pareto optimality of strategy pairs simpler. The algorithm can be made even more convenient with a proposed nonlinear transform in the important case of 2 x 2 bimatrix games (and for other bimatrix games under certain circumstances). Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the applicability of the results. 

The talk is based on joint work with Zoltán Varga. 

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